Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Armatures Continued..

Didn't get a lot out of the previously linked tutorial - but found a more up to date one here at CGMasters : Blender Armatures Crash Course

Plugging away in the hopes of importing something into Unity that allows for some interaction programming.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Armatures in Blender

So what I think was the next logical step (making some cubes relate to each other) takes me into Blender as you must create armatures outside of Unity3d. I've started on this Armature Tutorial so I can get a few boxes to relate. I guess once I've got that imported, I can step over to the script side and affect it within the scene with inputs.

Making things wiggle

Since I don't have any intention of moving my camera around, the next step is to relate a touch event to some movement of the 3d objects in the scene. I've been thinking about how to do this.

Reading the Unity Documentation on input tells me I should be able to get the location of a touch, and the accelerometer at the same time. Basically if you punch the screen really hard, I'd like face in the screen to get punched really hard too, and right in the spot that you punched them.

First step to me is maybe to set up a few cubes that have a (forgive me I may get this wrong) kinetic relationship - i.e. a skeleton type thing.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello Textured Android Exported Cube...!

So no interaction, but sort of the whole pipeline - a mesh from blender, a texture from, into a scene, exported as an application to my phone (and previously to a xoom). Surprising to me that you need the manufacturers USB Drivers installed to do this (motorola and HTC), but once done, no other hardware definitions needed.

Next steps:

A touch interaction moving something inside the scene

A menu-> exit interaction for the application.

Hello Textured Cube

Grabbed PAINT.NET for my home machine as a freebie, lightweight editor for the time being

And put together my first UV texture for use in Blender - to try out the import cycle

Importing from Blender

Hmm.. Above link not terribly helpful, but makes it sound easy - I export a 3ds package and bring it into Unity. It arrives with cube and material, but no UV mapping it seems (maybe I didn't actually UV map?). I'm able to stick a texture on a cube with Unity just by dragging it from the asset. Now, I've been away from 3d work for a long long time, and I was no good at it then. However, that's pretty slick to me so I'm feeling good, even though my export didn't work so hot.

Now to try and get this on my other Android device - my HTC G2

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello... Cube?

Export and run - static, but 3d! (assumption on the 3d part) - with project exported to applications (on a Xoom, dim rectangle, bottom left). A few wrinkles along the way - downloading the sdk from google (easy) but also installing all the additional packages (didn't seem to work the first time) including the USB drivers - for the Xoom I had to grab the motorola device USB driver bundle - but once installed this worked pretty good. The android emulator was able to boot the application, but it barfed when I ran it (though with a somewhat. I did some casino graphics a really long time ago on mobile Java and some of this was similar - but I think you would definitely want a device of some kind beside your computer for testing.

Some links:
Unity to Android Instructions
Google SDK
Motorola Drivers (For Xoom)
Google USB Driver Instructions