Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello... Cube?

Export and run - static, but 3d! (assumption on the 3d part) - with project exported to applications (on a Xoom, dim rectangle, bottom left). A few wrinkles along the way - downloading the sdk from google (easy) but also installing all the additional packages (didn't seem to work the first time) including the USB drivers - for the Xoom I had to grab the motorola device USB driver bundle - but once installed this worked pretty good. The android emulator was able to boot the application, but it barfed when I ran it (though with a somewhat. I did some casino graphics a really long time ago on mobile Java and some of this was similar - but I think you would definitely want a device of some kind beside your computer for testing.

Some links:
Unity to Android Instructions
Google SDK
Motorola Drivers (For Xoom)
Google USB Driver Instructions

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