Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello Textured Cube

Grabbed PAINT.NET for my home machine as a freebie, lightweight editor for the time being

And put together my first UV texture for use in Blender - to try out the import cycle

Importing from Blender

Hmm.. Above link not terribly helpful, but makes it sound easy - I export a 3ds package and bring it into Unity. It arrives with cube and material, but no UV mapping it seems (maybe I didn't actually UV map?). I'm able to stick a texture on a cube with Unity just by dragging it from the asset. Now, I've been away from 3d work for a long long time, and I was no good at it then. However, that's pretty slick to me so I'm feeling good, even though my export didn't work so hot.

Now to try and get this on my other Android device - my HTC G2

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